Solo | Patient Records Organizer (PRO)

After all this time, millions of doctors still have no free & easy access to an advanced patient records organizer.



Solo is an upscale EMR built for modern doctors. It is the first-ever FREE Patient Records Organizer that works offline and syncs online

(with easy-to-integrate APIs too!).

*EMR - Electronic Medical Records

What Solo Solves

3 alarming problems that doctors endure everyday

Erroneous Medical Records

Due to the lack of a proper system, 70% of medical records worldwide may have errors that have serious medical consequences.

Lack of Access to Technology

4 billion people residing in developing countries do not have access to an internet connection making cloud-based systems ineffective.

Security and Privacy

Around 90% of clinics and hospitals lose their patients' medical records due to paper-based and outdated technology systems.

What Makes
Solo Unique

Solo is a powerful tool that doctors all over the world can use for free.

FREE. Forever.

Solo was built to truly support and enable heroes (doctors) in their mission to save lives.

Secure. Works Offline!

Does not require an internet connection to work. It can store records in one’s device for personal security.

Compliance & Standards

Follows international protocols like HIPAA and C-CDA format implemented by ONC for care coordination.

Easy Integration

Interfacing with other health system providers is a breeze with its complete API documentation.

Sync Up

Offers an option to backup data in one’s private cloud - Google Drive or Dropbox for just $49/year.

Solo Anywhere

Use Solo everywhere with a mobile device. Coming soon!

The Tech
Behind Solo

Loved by thousands of physicians, nurses, clinic receptionists, laboratory and imaging specialists today, Solo is powered by MYCURE Complete Clinic Management System.

The PRO Advantage

Patient Records Organizer (PRO) is EMR 2.0 for Modern Doctors

After the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) era, it's about time to adapt to the newest technological advancements. Modern Doctors highly values the following:


Well documented APIs that can be used to easily integrate with other health systems.


Complies and upgrades with changes in data privacy laws, medical standards and the likes.


Adheres to no less than HIPAA and international protocols to fortify and maintain top-notch security.


Follows C-CDA standard format which makes data sharing easy among health system providers.

Our Mission

Enabling heroes. Saving lives.

We care for people who care for people:
doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners who care the extra mile. We use our experience and expertise in technology to create tools that enable these unsung heroes to continue saving lives.

We are sharing this advanced technology to democratize doctors' access to a modern platform to simplify their clinic processes, so that they can focus on what they do best—taking care of their patients.

We also support the Universal Health Coverage 2030 goal of UNSDG. We believe that giving doctors an efficient way to organize and secure their patient records can also help in health data management and collaboration.

Meet the Team

Dale Dennis David
Founder | CEO | CTO

Joel Moreno
Co-Founder | CMO

Dr. Ryan Chua, MD
Doctor in Residence

Trista Isobelle Gile
Industrial Engineer | COO

Jofferson Tiquez
Senior Developer

Leonard Tubig
Senior Developer

Zac Emnace
Senior Developer

Michael de Jesus
Senior Developer

Mark Simone Dinong
Creatives Head

Faye De Leon
Product Manager

Almond Valleza
Junior Developer

Francis Ryan Marquez
Junior Developer
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Saving lives by empowering one doctor at a time.

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